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We Purchase Automobiles in North Park, CA


No seriously, we will buy your car. We are Cash for Cars North Park. We will take your old clunker off your hand. We deal mostly in old and used cars. We will give you the cash value and you can be on your way. Some might be asking if there are any advantages to signing over your old car to us? Yes, there are.


Everyone deals with car problems from time to time. There comes a time when those care problem become more frequent. This is where we can help you. Don't you get tired of dealing with car problems on a daily basis?

Just sign over your car to us. We will take it without any hassle. Once you sign it over to us, it's no longer your problem. We don't care how old it is. We don't really car how many mechanical issues it has. We will take it off your hand.


This is another reason why coming to us is a good idea. Your old junk car is just taking up space at your home. Why not alleviate this space? You can either get a new car or just leave the space empty; either way, the clutter is gone.


This is one of the biggest advantages to doing business with us. We will give you what your vehicle is worth. No head games or financial trips. Once the money is in your hands, you can be on your way. How good is it going to feel to have some extra cash on hand? Just having an extra $300 hundred in the pocket is enough to make anyone smile. Think about it.

Do you have an old car just sitting around? Has it been collecting dust for a while? Bring it to us instead.


Sometimes clients hold on to their car for emotional reasons. They have no intention of using it, it's just there as a reminder. Time to clear out the past. Emotional attachments is one of our specialties. You got rid of the boyfriend/girlfriend, you might as well get rid of the car too. It's only hurting you more by keeping it.


We all have bills to pay. Are you paying a bill on something you are not using? This happens quite a bit with old cars. Let it go. Just turn it into us. You can have your bills reduced in a matter of seconds. This will be one less thing you will have to pay insurance on too.

We offer so many options with our services. We will give you the cash right then and there. We can also make a deposit into your account. The choice is yours. We accept any type of car. We do business with new cars too; however, our pride and joy lies with the older cars.

Give us a call today. It doesn't matter what type of car you own, we will make it work. You can find us on the web too.