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Exactly How Cash For Cars North Park Works

How it works for you!

Uncle Jeb just died and left you his well loved 1997 Mercury, with only 67,000 miles on the odometer. You don't need a second car and can't think of the hassle of getting the paperwork cleaned up, several trips to the motor vehicles department, and the hours spent waiting for your number to be called.

Your solution, call our company. This one simple call will start you on the easy steps to getting rid of the old Mercury, and putting cool cash in your pocket, all without leaving the comfort of your home.

"But wait!" the frugal person inside you says, "We could drive around and find a new car we all like and use the Mercury as a trade-in." Then you remember, that is just what you did last year, and you just last week got it's oil changed for the first time. And the time and effort spent looking and trying to negotiate a better deal between two dea lers. No that is just a bad idea.

"But wait!" the frugal person inside you says again. "We could put an ad in the paper and sell the car ourselves." Sure, just pay for an ad, and extra for a blurry picture, and then sit at home waiting for the phone to ring, and then having a somewhat scary person come over to your house at night to drive your car around the neighborhood. And a question, did you need to get insurance on this second car?

An easier way is to just call or email us. First you tell us what brand vehicle you have, what year it is, what accessories and options it has, and it's general condition. With that information in hand we will work up an offer and get back to you. If you like the offer we both can move on to the next step.

With this second step we will schedule an appointment so we can meet with you, verify the condition of the car, and begin the paperwork. If everything works out we will pay you cash for the car, arrange for it to be picked up, and we will complete the required paperwork. We take it out of your hands.

So now, what was going to be a hassle, has become an easy solution. Uncle Jeb's car is gone and you have some cool cash in your pocket.