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Get Top Dollar From Cash for Cars North Park

If you happen to be looking to sell your used vehicle, and you are not happy with what local car dealers are willing to offer, check out Cash for Cars North Park. Located in San Diego, California, there are a number of fantastic advantages offered by our company that you will not find at other We Buy Cars In North Park And Surrounding Areas. For one, we serve the entire San Diego area and are as close as a phone call away. Our knowledgeable receptionist is capable of answering any question you may have about our company and how we operate, but here we hope to answer most of those queries for you.


Unlike most dealerships that buy and sell automobiles, we specialize in the purchase of cars only. You will find that the condition of you car means little to us. Perhaps, your car is fairly new and you simply can no longer afford the payments due to a job layoff. We can erase that financial burden for you. Another scenario may involve a vehicle that has had its fair share of dents and dings but runs well. We will offer you top dollar for it. If you happen to own an old classic that was your desire to restore but you just never seemed to find the time or the money. It's sat around, and has become an old bucket of bolts, with no interested buyers. Those of us at Cash for Cars will still offer you a decent price for your car.


Our company will make you an offer on your vehicle after just a few minutes of viewing it. To ensure that we are giving you the best offer, within one half hours time we can present you with our top offer and place the cash directly into your hand. There is absolutely nothing you have to do. There is never the hassle of filling out DMV paperwork because we handle all of that for you. If your vehicle does not run, our staff will pick it up and tow it away at no additional charge to you. There is no going from dealer to dealer only to find they are all looking to give you a bargain price that is far below the cars actual value. Offering cash, check, or even a deposit into your PayPal account, makes dealing with us the simplest transaction you have ever experienced.


We appreciate that the time wasted waiting on another dealer, is time you could be using for your own interests. Once an appointment is made with us a dealer will show up at the specified time. The entire deal of selling and buying your vehicle can be completely transacted within thirty minutes. You will be amazed how quickly the deal is signed and sealed.

The professionalism with which we serve our customers cannot be duplicated. We are reliable, dependable, honest, and always willing to make you an offer that is the best you can hope to find. If you want to do business with the foremost leaders there are this is the place to find it. You receive all the benefits while we do all the work, and we wouldn't have it any other way! It is our motivation to make you feel at ease knowing that you are dealing with a company that prides itself in the utmost of honesty. Dealing with professionals will keep you away from companies that use fraudulent practices just to gain ownership of your vehicle. Partner yourself with Cash for Cars North Park and walk away satisfied with the deal that you have made

A couple of common questions we are often asked


Do you buy new vehicles?

Typically we buy new vehicles. If your car is almost brand new and worth more then 20,000 we may refer you to another company like Cash For Cars who have a repuation of buying high-end vehicles.

Will you come to me?

Yes, we will come to you and appraise your vehicle. If you like our offer we'll buy it from you.

How fast can I sell my car?

You can sell your vehicle the same day that you call our company.